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WOW is what happens when you make the unforgettable, unmissable





Sparked in 2014

Full-Motion DOOH

WOW is what happens when you make the unforgettable, unmissable.

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When you want the city of stories talking about your story, you need to be unmissable. That means being seen in LA’s hottest advertising locations. That means owning every street by using our large screens found right in the middle of them. That means utilizing full-motion spectaculars with 500x the pixel power of a 4K TV. That means working with the only team trusted to do digital OOH in Inglewood - home to the most iconic stadiums in the world and the route to/from LAX.

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Scott is our founder and CEO.


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Shawn is the Chief Marketing Officer in charge of driving WOWs image, brand, and vision across all sectors and mediums.


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Being the Senior VP of Sales & Marketing makes David our go-to man for all things client services.


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Ben is our Chief Programmatic Officer -- the man leading us in ad tech.




Your satisfaction comes first. No ifs. No buts. No nasty surprises. Reliability and straight talking are paramount.


We work with you to get the wins you deserve. Think workshops and brainstorms to make your creative stand out from the rest. Think no down time, flawless execution and a seamless experience from the moment you start working with us.


WOW's technology sits on the cutting-edge of digital OOH. We want to hear your wildest creative ideas, so we can turn them into reality.


Scott Krantz

The Puppeteer

Scott is our founder and CEO and honestly, there are few people who know out-of-home advertising better than him. With 20+ years in the business, he has a strong understanding of OOH and broadcast media, having built both a network of 500 transit shelter displays, as well as America's largest college television network. For Scott, it's all about thinking big. Big ambitions. Big ideas. Big results. He also loves spending time with his big family, with his beautiful wife, three boys and their dog. But when he gets a moment to himself, he's trading the billboard for the surfboard.

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Jim Davis

The Profit

Jim guides our financial strategy with over 20 years of experience including the Fortune 500 and Big Four accounting firms. As a partner with B2B CFO® and a Certified Public Accountant, he brings a wealth of expertise and management acumen to our team. Holding a degree in Accounting from Florida State University, Jim's solid foundation in finance is invaluable. Originally from Miami and having spent a decade in England, he now enjoys the sunny skies of Orange County with his wife.

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Shawn Krantz

The Narrator

Shawn is the Chief Marketing Officer in charge of driving WOWs image, brand, and vision across all sectors and mediums. This includes coordinating innovative OOH activations, campaigns, recognizing press worthy opportunties, and making the world say WOW. He has 8+ years of experience in the creative industries and runs our social media and content coordination. He's also studying at USC Marshall School of Business for a bachelor's degree in business administration, adding another string to his bow.

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David Starensier

The Dealer

Being the Senior VP of Sales & Marketing makes David our go-to man for all things client services. Building relationships with the nation's top out-of-home buying services and their clients -- that's his speciality. Even after 25 years of experience in the sector, he still gets thrills from seeing client results hit the stratosphere.

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Ben Abbeitello

The Auctioneer

Ben is our Chief Programmatic Officer -- the man leading us in ad tech. Ben's remit is programmatic buying for WOW. This means automating our OOH buying process and working with large brands. He has 20+ years of experience in the industry, having previously worked at Hivestack, Beachfront Media and Yahoo!. He lives in Croton-on-Hudson, NY, with his wife and three sons. It's yet to be seen if they're also ad tech wizards.

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Ajay Goplani

The Conquistador

Ajay's our VP of International Buisness Development, meaning he's the man tasked with bringing WOW more international clientel. His brief is to drive teams, systems, processes, and resources towards the results that matter for every client. In short, he's a problem-solver, a leader, orchestrator of a good time and most importantly, spreading the word. With over 20+ years of experience in his field, and partnerships across India, the Middle East and the US, he's a man who turns global know-how into local know-WOW.

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Jeff Curtis

The Projectionist

Introducing our Content Manager -- the man who coordinates and schedules creatives to run directly on our billboards. It would perhaps be unfair to say Jeff lives, works, and breathes Digital Signage, but he certainly is a specialist in it. With over 15 years of experience managing DOOH networks across the country, he knows how to get your creative in front of the right people. Outside of work, he loves hiking, skiing, golf, music and his two children. Not in that order of course...

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Alex Irvin

The Operator

Alex is the man in charge of day-to-day operations, in short, making sure everything runs smoothly. He is WOW's sales coordinator, the prover of performance, the maintainer of client relations. When he's not ensuring everything adminstrative is A-OK for our team and clients, he's either walking up a mountain, skiing or cycling down a mountain, or riding the wind with his kiteboard. Basically, he's someone who rarely stands still.

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Zoe Starensier

The Taskmaster

Zoe is our assistant sales coordinator. As we are called WOW, we've made sure everything she works on contains only three letters. She's responsible for RFPs for ad agencies and new clients and she turns creatives into POPs for clients. Creative isn't simply what she works with, it's also who she is. She loves painting, drawing and reading and is a graduate of the University of Southern California, with a major in communications and an (A)-minor in Music Industry.

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